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CTR’s new location is in the heart of the North Park neighborhood, blocks away from some of San Diego's finest breweries/tasting rooms.


3812 Ray Street

San Diego, California 92104

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Jeff the pretzelogist and California Tap Room’s CEO & President, led a quest for a better craft beer soft pretzel to start the CTR line of craft beer pretzels.  He searched far and wide and stumbled upon a small artisan pretzel bakery that has been baking pretzels the same artisan hand rolled way for decades.  

A San Diego resident for 25+ years, he has a comprehensive lending management background with over 24 years of lending experience with national banks and national lending companies at a branch, senior management and executive management positions.  

During these years, his pallet always had a yearning for full bodied craft beer and the delicious twisted doughy creations, soft pretzels.  After retiring, he decided to start his second career – California Tap Room.  

Boomer the beer opportunist and CTR’s COO & Secretary, is a Philly dude that loves to poke fun at life‘s serious issues, travel, taste beer, and eat soft pretzels.  His parents named him John Paul, but everyone calls him Boomer.  In 2004, Boomer was lucky enough to stumble upon a Philly girl, Lauren (pictured left) in Los Angeles.  They relocated together to become permanent North Park residents in 2014 and finally got hitched in 2015.

With Boomer working in the film industry and Lauren in the educational travel industry, they were ready to shake things up in life and decided to take a swan dive into the concrete pool of small business owners!  

They are frequently spotted in North Park’s beer consuming environments and, both being from Philly, miss the salted doughy treats that complement beer so perfectly.  They had a vision, and by shaking dirty hands and kissing dirty babies, Boomer met Jeff Buddin.

After Jeff and Boomer indulged in a few craft beers, shared life stories, and ate a few plates of tater tots, they found that they shared a passion for craft beer, ciders, and soft pretzels!  The idea of California Tap Room was officially born!


‍‍‍Shop Phone - (619) 542-9990

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