PHILLY PAIR (Lauren’s favorite) – serves 1-2

$6 (comes with CTR beer cheese sauce)

Take Out & Wholesale Available.

MUNICH BAVARIAN - (Jeff’s favorite) - serves 1

$6 (comes with CTR beer cheese sauce)

Take Out & Wholesale Available.

NEW YORK - serves 1

$5‍‍‍ (co‍‍‍mes with CTR beer cheese sauce)

Take Out & Wholesale Available.


$8‍‍‍ (comes with CTR beer cheese sauces)

Take Out & Wholesale Available.

PRETZEL PUFFS(all prices come with CTR beer cheese)

$5 (5 count)

$7 (10 count)

$25 (Approx. 45 - 50 puffs - 2 lbs)  - “PARTY PRETZEL PUFF PLATTER“ (Say THAT 3 times fast!)

Take Out & Wholesale Available.

Pretzel Styles


Aged cheddar cheese with pinches of love & spice, infused with a selected craft beer.

$1 /2oz     •      $2/5oz    

Hummus - $1 /2oz


Cinnamon & Sugar soft pretzel with your choice of honey or icing topping.  Delish!!!

$1 extra, plus cost of pretzel

(Recommended with Philly.)

*wholesale & special event catering pricing available*

Soft Pretzels & craft beer


"Cheapest craft beers in the hood." said everyone.

Rotating Breweries on Draft

21st Amendment (San Francisco, CA)      -     Three Weavers (Inglewood, CA)     -     32 North  (San Diego, CA)

4 Sons Brewing Company  (San Diego, CA)      -     AleSmith (Sa‍‍‍n Diego, CA)     -     Alpine Brewing Company (Alpine, CA)    

Barley Forge Brewing (Costa Mesa, CA)      -     Barrel Harbor (San Diego, CA) ‍     -     Beechwood Brewing (Long Beach, CA)    

Belching Beaver (San Diego, CA)     -     Benchmark Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)     -     Black Market Brewing (San Diego, CA)

Bootleggers Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)     -     Booze Brothers Brewing (San Diego, CA)     -     Border X Brewing (San Diego, CA)    

Cismontane (Santa Ana, CA)      -     Counsil Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)     -     Duckfoot Brewing (San Diego, CA)  

El Segundo Brewing Company (El Segundo, CA)     -     Eppig Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)     -     Fall Brewing (San Diego, CA)

Garage Brewing (Temecula, CA)     -     Groundswell Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)

Iron Fist Brewing (San Diego, CA)     -     Karl Strauss Brewing (San Diego, CA)     -     Latitude 33 Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)  

Legacy Brewing (San Diego, CA)     -     Mike Hess Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)     -     Mikkeller's (San Diego, CA)    

Modern Times (San Diego, CA)      -     New English Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)     -     North Park Beer Company (San Diego, CA)  

Pariah Brewing Company (San Diego, CA     -     Rough Draft (San Diego, CA)     -     San Diego Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)

Second Chance Brewing (San Diego CA)     -     Stone Brewing (San Diego, CA)     -     Thorn Brewing (San Diego, CA)

Victory Brewing Company (Downingtown, PA)     -     Weins Brewing Company (Temecula, CA)     -      

25‍‍‍+ Selection of Rotating Bottles & Cans


Gourmet Bottled Root Beers (Dad's. Tower, Virgil's. & Sprechers) - $2.50

Bundenburgh Gormet Blood Orange Sparking Soda - $3.50

Jones' Creme Soda - $2.50

Iced Tea (Organic Honest Tea Assorted Flavors) - $2.50

Lemonade - $3.50

Cold Brew Coffee - $5

Bottle Spring Water - $2




Italian Hard Salami   -   Prosciutto   -    Hot Capicola   -   Pepperoni       ‍‍‍

Creamy Gorgonzola   -   Fresh Herb & Grlic Goat Cheese

Holland Smoked Gouda  -   Soft Ripened Brie Cheese


(All sandwiches are served with a pickle and a bag of Dirty Kettle chips.)

THE ORIGINAL PREZELLINI SANDWICH - Hot Capicola, pepper‍‍‍oni & p‍‍‍rovolone cheese toasted on a soft pretzel roll - $10

THE PIZZA PRETZELLINI - Tomato sauce, mozzarella, various spices toasted on a soft pretzel roll. Pepperoni optional. - $10

THE GRILLED CHEESE PRETZELLINI  - Provolone & smoked Gouda toasted on a soft pretzel roll. - $10

THE CALI CLUB PRETZELLINI - Monterey Pepper Jack cheese, honey roasted smoked turkey, bacon and avocado. - $11